Captain America Helps Kid Fight Bullies & Disability

By Jason Boog Comment

Captain America inspired a 12-year-old kid to stand up against bullies and disability, and the boy recently got a chance to meet his hero in a heartwarming visit to Universal Studios.

Last year, Internet readers shared the story of Troy Sandella, a kid diagnosed with functional delay who was attacked by bullies but told his father: “Daddy, I kept getting up just like Captain America.” The story made its way to some superheros at Universal Studios. During a recent visit to the theme park, Troy played with some of his superhero friends in a touching display of comic book fellowship. Check it out:

Diagnosed with Functional Delay, Troy has embraced the story of Captain America as more than just the idea of it being a comic character or a cool movie, but an attitude and identity to hold onto and find strength in. Shortly after writing the blog I got an email from somebody in my social media network who said Captain America at Universal Studios was touched by Troy’s story.  He said if Troy is ever in the Orlando area to let him know … Troy had no idea that getting beaten down and kicked by bullies would bring him to this point.  He had no idea that he would inspire hundreds of people across America.  The only thing Troy does know is that when life beats you down, you get back up. (Via Reddit)

Editor’s Note: The original version of this post erroneously used the word “reenactment” to describe the theme park scene. Blogger Dave Vanz added this comment: “This was not a reenactment of his stand against the bullies, they were simply having fun.”