Broadcastr Debuts at the eBook Summit

By Jason Boog Comment

At the eBook Summit on Wednesday, Electric Literature c0-founders Andy Hunter and Scott Lindenbaum introduced Broadcastr, a storytelling app that will let people record audio versions of location-specific stories around the globe. We’ve embedded video of the presentation above.

Like Foursquare for storytellers, the new platform will link the audio to that specific place, allowing listeners to hear your story when they enter the same location. The platform will officially launch on December 20th, but the editors gave eBook Summit a sneak peek at the project. Publishers Weekly also covered the “rousing afternoon presentation.”

Here’s more from the Broadcastr page, including audio samples:  “We tweet. We blog. We YouTube. We connect on Facebook. What about our voices? Now, we broadcast them. Broadcastr is a new Social Media platform. Anyone, anywhere in the world, can record, index, listen to, and share audio via a map-based interface.  From the historical to the hysterical, the hilarious to the anecdotal, Broadcastr amplifies all our voices.”

The Broadcastr logo is embedded below, click to enlarge. For more eBook Summit coverage, follow this link or explore the long Twitter stream produced during the event.

UPDATE: The original post was modified to include video from the event.