Self-Published Nutritionist Inks 7-Figure Book Deal

By Dianna Dilworth Comment

British nutritionist Venice A. Fulton has scored a 7-figure book deal with Grand Central Publishing for his diet book Six Weeks to OMG. The book first hit the scene as a self-published work.

In the book, Fulton shares his diet tricks, which he has used in his work as a celebrity trainer. His ideas are somewhat controversial. For example, he suggests skipping breakfast and not eating broccoli.

Responding to a doctor’s criticism of his approach, Venice blogged: “In simple terms, doctors are the mechanics who patch things up when they go wrong.  I’m extremely grateful for the job they do, and have fond memories of doctors visiting me as a child, and making me better again.  But in terms of preventative advice, they can’t be trusted.  In terms of cutting-edge advice, they’re even more behind the times.”

The Wall Street Journal reported on the latest deal: “Literary agent Richard Pine, who represented Fulton, said in a statement that the Grand Central deal was worth seven figures and that terms with Michael Joseph were ‘equally spectacular.'”

The book is currently available for sale through Amazon UK’s Kindle store from Penguin UK. The Grand Central version of the book is slated for release in North America on July 10 in hardcover, eBook and audiobook format.