Brandon Sanderson: ‘My Involvement as a Writer in the Wheel of Time Has Come to an End’

By Jason Boog Comment

In a long Google+ post, novelist Brandon Sanderson revealed that he has finished his last set of edits on A Memory of Light, the final book in The Wheel of Time series (an epic fantasy created by the late Robert Jordan).

Tor Books has set a January 2013 release for the book. Jordan died in 2007, and Sanderson used his notes to finish the series over the last five years, publishing The Gathering Storm in 2009 and Towers of Midnight in 2010.

Sanderson revealed that he will not return to The Wheel of Time universe: “I step away from being pilot of this series, and toward once again being just a fan. I will never cross back over that line—whatever else happens, I will have written three books in this series.”

The author also spoke about his own upcoming projects, and described the intense writing experience:

For five years, whatever I’ve been doing—whether it be going out to dinner, sitting down to write, or checking my email—I’ve known that there was more to do on the Wheel of Time. I’ve known that I gave my word to Harriet and to the fans that I would work hard to get those books out quickly, and I carried a weight of responsibility for the book being split and people being forced to wait years beyond when they expected to get the ending. For five years, I have worked long hours because of those reasons. All the time I could find, I dedicated to the Wheel of Time in one way or another.

(Via Reddit)