Borders Will Close 200 Stores

By Jason Boog Comment

Borders.GIFIn a sad piece of news for readers, publishers, writers and booksellers, Borders will close 200 stores as part of its bankruptcy proceedings. Follow this PDF link to read the complete list of stores that will close.

Borders Group filed for bankruptcy this morning. The company has opened a special website about the bankruptcy proceeding.

Penguin’s Colleen Lindsay shared the news, reminding us of the human cost: “A lot of good booksellers will need jobs. “Our readers have been sharing stories about buying books at Borders all morning. Below, we’ve collected some of the Facebook responses.

Alma Katsu: “Loved the store in Columbia MD when it first opened. Bristling chock-a-block full of books. Always packed, you’d see all your friends there.”

Kellyann Zuzulo “I had my first two book signings at Borders stores when Barnes & Noble scheduling/paperwork made it almost impossible to do a local signing. Staff at any Borders I ever went to were so accommodating.”

Amanda Beals: “Working event for 50 Cent at Columbus Circle. Fiddy’s people asked for a private toilet for Sir Fiddy and for security to allow only 50s entourage its use. Oh…and yes…this was a book signing event.

Harold Tucker: “Walking into the Springdale, Ohio store and seeing Norman Mailer sitting in the cafe signing to store’s stock of his books.”

Tanicia Bell: “Borders in Emeryville, CA. Spent hours in there on a regular basis, just reading.”

Linda Austin: “Borders in St. Louis very friendly to local authors and writers groups. Big turnouts for talks. As a reader, it’s a treat to spend time at Borders.”