Bookstore Owner Peter Glassman Celebrates Mockingjay

By Maryann Yin Comment

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Veteran kidlit bookseller Peter Glassman has owned and operated the independent children’s bookstore, Books of Wonder since the age of 20. In a GalleyCat interview, he analyzed a recent boom in adults reading YA books.

Yesterday, Glassman hosted a Mockingjay Midnight Madness party with a reading from Hunger Games author, Suzanne Collins. Glassman measured the enthusiasm of the crowd while letting the Mockingjay fans into his store. “Kids show more enthusiasm. Parents are excited because they like to see their kids happy. But, both seem equally excited,” he explained.

He offered these thoughts about YA trends: “There’s a big demographic bulge from the last baby boom. Five years ago, middle-grade books were the hot item. Before that, picture books were the big sellers. I think what’s really great is that adults aren’t afraid anymore of being seen reading kids’ books. It’s okay for a grown-up to enjoy children’s literature.”

When asked about the conclusion of the book, he responded: “It’ll be great to see who Katniss ends up with. I’m very curious about how it will all wrap up. [Book 2] Catching Fire left so many unanswered questions.”

Glassman concluded that he considers all the authors who come to the store friends. This GalleyCat correspondent felt a little jealous, remembering a 2006 event featuring J.K. Rowling. Glassman sat 4th row while we sat back in row 60.