Bookstore Named ISIS Changes Sign

By Dianna Dilworth Comment


Colorado-based Isis Books & Gifts has changed its store signage, after being vandalized for having a name similar to the terrorist group.

The New Age bookstore posted a photo of its damaged sign on Facebook back in November. Since then the bookseller has redesigned its sign to prominently highlight a drawing of the store’s namesake, Isis, the Egyptian Goddess of women.

“We have changed our sign to a gorgeous one with a huge image of Isis and her most honorific title: Goddess of 10,0000 Names,” the bookseller said in a Facebook post on New Year’s Eve. “You know who Goddess of 10,000 Names is, but we are deflecting the attention of folks who flunked their 6th grade basic mythology class (and have anger issues) away from us and our signage.” (Via The Guardian).