Bookstore Cats Profiled in Newspaper

By Jason Boog Comment


Since today has been a rather slow August Monday, we wanted to share that picture of an awesome cat-shaped couch–the perfect furniture for any absurdly wealthy individuals in the GalleyCat readership.

For the rest of us, the San Francisco Chronicle profiled eight different cats that live at bookstores around California. Follow this link to download a PDF copy. It is a lovable tribute to the felines who keep our bookstores running.

Here’s an excerpt from the article: “A bookstore cat is a shop’s mascot and keeper, equally adept at charming customers and, when the lights go out, chasing away rodents. And so let us celebrate these furry souls — hopefully not an endangered species! — as more and more readers get their books delivered in shrink-wrapped packages from out-of-state corporate behemoths, or transmitted, in blips, to hand-held devices no cat would ever want to cuddle up to. The profiles below were submitted by Northern California bookstores.”