Booking The Daily Beast

By Jason Boog Comment

Rebecca02.jpgAs newspaper book coverage has declined, The Daily Beast has pushed hard to publish more literary content at Book Beast.

Following the launch of a new entertainment section entitled Sexy Beast, today’s special guest on the Morning Media Menu was Rebecca Fox, Director of Editorial Development & Operations at the bustling website. The show began with a discussion about New York City’s remarkable recovery following the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. We also discussed The Daily Beast‘s evolution, a new advertising model for Twitter, and author James Patterson’s multi-million dollar book deal with Hachette Book Group.

Here’s more from the interview, as Fox explained why the site recently hired Lucas Wittmann, a 26-year-old W. W. Norton editorial assistant, to helm the books section. “Personally, I always love when you’ve got the perspective of people who have spent different amounts of time working in their respective industries–it keeps things lively, it keeps things juicy. There are a lot of things we can bring to one another–perspectives that make for more dynamic content.”