Reading Rainbow & Book Editors: Top 10 Publishing Stories of March 2010

By Jason Boog Comment

burton23.pngIn our most popular publishing story of March 2010, LeVar Burton (pictured, via) hinted to his Twitter followers that Reading Rainbow could return.

Instead of doing our traditional year-in-review post, we’ve decided to collect the ten most popular stories on GalleyCat each month–sharing the stories that mattered most to our readers. Looking back at these headlines, we can see the hopes, fears, and distractions that obsessed the publishing industry in 2010. Follow this link to see the rest of the year unfold.

1. Reading Rainbow Could Return, Host Hints on Twitter
2. How to Design a Book Cover: 6 Hours of Work in 2 Minute Video
3. Best Book Editors on Twitter
4. How to Choose a Font for Your Book
5. Michael Lewis Faces Amazon Kindle Critics
6. Reviewing Day Job Salaries of Famous Authors
7. Literary Agent, Michael Bourret
8. Amazon’s Direct Attack Against Bookstores?
9. Young Author Cuts Six Figure Deal for YA Trilogy
10. HarperStudio Ponders Future After Bob Miller