Bon Jovi Book Shelved After All

By Carmen Comment

Remember when BEA’s Friday night entertainment was supposed to feature Bon Jovi and Amy Grant at Town Hall? Yeah, we don’t either, but the concert was cancelled when Bon Jovi’s book, originally slated for publication by Flying Dolphin Press this fall, was postponed (and the Rock Bottom Remainders took on the headliner role at a different venue altogether, Webster Hall.) And as of today, reports, the deal is completely off the table because things were getting way too personal. “One of those big publishers [sic] gave us a million dollars recently to write a book about our experiences but we just gave the money right back because it’s no one’s business,” is the explanation offered by the band’s frontman, Jon Bon Jovi. “They wanted the cliched story about being a rock star and I’m not going to tell them. It doesn’t mean it didn’t happen, it just means isn’t there anything more important to talk about.”

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further reports that Flying Dolphin Press published Suzanne Herz added in the official announcement “Despite the valiant efforts of all parties, we were unable to come to agreement on its direction and timing but we wish Bon Jovi the best of luck.”