Boing Boing Launches Imprint with Mark Dery Book

By Jason Boog Comment

Boing Boing has started its own publishing imprint with “All the Young Dudes: Why Glam Rock Matters” by Mark Dery.

The popular site runs lots of book-related content and long essays, so digital publishing seems like a natural step. Here’s more about the book:

“All the Young Dudes,” glam rock’s rallying cry, turned 40 last year. David Bowie wrote it, but Mott the Hoople owned it: their version was, and will ever remain, glam’s anthem, a hymn of exuberant disenchantment that also happens to be one of rock’s all-time irresistible sing-alongs. Bowie, glam, and “All the Young Dudes” are inseparable in the public mind, summoning memories of a subculture dismissed as apolitical escapism, a glitter bomb of fashion and attitude that briefly relieved the malaise of the ‘70s. Now, cultural critic Mark Dery gives the movement its due in an 8,000-word exploration of glam as rebellion through style. As polymorphously perverse as the subculture it explores, “All the Young Dudes: Why Glam Matters” is equal parts fan letter, visual-culture criticism, queer theory, and true confession.

We interviewed Dery last year on the Morning Media Menu, getting his advice on Facebook etiquette for writers and surviving in this new digital publishing world.

Press play below to listen on SoundCloud…