Blueberry Miller Files & Torch Ginger: Coming Attractions

By Maryann Yin Comment

Here are some handpicked titles from our New Books section. Want to include your book? Just read our Facebook Your New or Upcoming Book post. Don’t forget to include your title’s exact release date and a link.

Neurotica by Sue Margolis: “Anna – a 37-year-old mother of two in desperate need of a tummy tuck, breast lift and open pore surgery – is about to spend the next few weeks committing adultery for the pure joy of it – and with hilarious results. But there’s a catch. Anna still loves her husband. And by setting out on her lone quest, she’s putting her marriage at risk…” (June 2012)

The Blueberry Miller Files by A. Yamina Collin: “From popular book/lit blogger A. Yamina Collins comes a dynamic collection of short stories that portray the humor, awkwardness, and tragedy of the human condition, with a multi-ethnical cast; including a negligent father who learns the hard way that family doesn’t always stick together… an African-American Anglophile with too much time on her hands and unrealistic aspirations of literary glory…and a relationship guru who discovers that first loves are hard to forget…” (July 2012)

Torch Ginger by Toby Neal: “Fleeing a failed engagement, Lei transfers to the island of Kaua`i, where she uncovers a pattern of disappearances that may be related to a bizarre cult—or is it just one madman at work? In Lei’s world, everyone is guilty until proven innocent. In Blood Orchids Lei battled her personal demons and won—but now they’ve come roaring back with reinforcements, including charming real estate magnate Alika Wolcott and former fiancé Michael Stevens. In the midst of the biggest case sleepy Kaua`i has ever seen, Lei must also discover who she loves.” (July 2012)