Blogger Experiments with Twilight’s Sexy Factor

By David Comment


Exactly how sexy is Twilight fanaticism? Over on, blogger Drew Grant attempted to find out. Grant (pictured, via Crushable) donned an “I Heart Sparkly Vampires” t-shirt and carried around New Moon for an evening on the town (or, well, in Williamsburg at least). Sure enough, a few people muttered that she was crazy and one guy complimented her headband. In the end, she tells some guy it’s all a ruse and they hit it off.

Here at GalleyCat, we’ve always been under the impression that bookishness is attractive, at least in its own narrow way. (And at the very least, in Williamsburg.) But carrying around a Twilight book maybe doesn’t speak to the same qualities. The most astute comment that came out of her experiment? “I asked the guy next to me to take a picture to prove to my friends that I did it, and he said ‘What, sneak into a bar?'”

Her Twilight geek get-up was an extreme example; what if she had dressed up in support of a more age-appropriate book? Like, say, Lush Life? Or Tree of Smoke? An “I Heart Skip Sands” t-shirt? Our guess is it would have been a pretty positive experience.

Then again, maybe this GalleyCat contributor is only curious because a long time ago, when he was 18 years old and fickle, he decided it’d be a good idea to brand himself with a tattoo for his then-favorite author. Sexy factor: Non-existent.