Bestselling Authors Get Graphic – Novel, That Is

By Carmen Comment

Not long after Karin Slaughter‘s first novel was published back in 2001, she made reference to a standalone novel she wanted to write called THE RECIDIVISTS. “It’s a sort of cautionary tale with a solid murder mystery at its core,” she told SHOTS Magazine back in 2002. “It takes place in the near future and is sort of a mixture of THE HANDMAID’S TALE meets THE ANDROMEDA STRAIN.” But time passed, she continued the Grant County series and her first standalone thriller, TRIPTYCH, was published last year.

But now, as the Bookseller reports, THE RECIDIVISTS will be published – as a graphic novel. Arrow Publishing Director Kate Elton bought UK and Commonwealth rights from Victoria Sanders at Victoria Sanders & Associates. No word on a US publication yet or on the proposed illustrator for the project, but chances are likely we’ll be hearing such news in due course.

Meanwhile, late last month TOKYOPOP announced that Meg Cabot would be branching out into manga (which I know isn’t anywhere near a graphic novel but I’m keeping my headline, thank you very much.) CORONATION #1: THE MERLIN PROPHECY will continue her AVALON HIGH series, the first in a three part manga sequel. Jinky Coronado will provide the art. “I had an idea for a sequel,” Cabot explained in the announcement, “but it wasn’t enough story for a whole book. I was thinking of doing a novella, but then TOKYOPOP came along with the manga offer, and I was like: Bingo! The idea I had for the Avalon High sequel was just the right length for a manga. And the manga looks great. More than great-better than I ever dreamed!”