Before the Main Event, a Bestselling Author Appears

By Neal Comment

Here’s a quick trivia question: Which of tonight’s primetime speakers at the Democratic National Convention is the author of a memoir that made the New York Times bestseller list and is also the subject of another New York Times nonfiction bestseller… and isn’t running for president?


It’s Nathaniel Fick (far left), the former United States Marine who wrote about his combat experiences in Aghanistan and Iraq in One Bullet Away while Evan Wright‘s Generation Kill offered another perspective on the role of Fick’s platoon in the latter theater of operations. Fick is now a fellow at the Center for a New American Security, and will be speaking about his confidence in Barack Obama‘s ability to succeed as commander-in-chief. As this picture shows, he’s been behind the Obama campaign for a while now, organizing a rally for the candidate in Kabul just two weeks ago.

FishbowlNY and FishbowlDC bloggers, covering the convention for their respective websites, have been told they should keep an eye out for him today to get an interview.