Barnes & Noble Makes Apps For ‘Julie’

By Dianna Dilworth Comment

Barnes & Noble is making plans to release the Nook Tablet in Europe.

At an event this week called Mobile Monday London, Barnes & Noble gave a marketing presentation explaining that the tablet appeals to moms, who have been nicknamed “Julie.” 

Seeking Alpha has more:

Julie’ does not like to consume apps on phones because she is “a bit afraid of data consumption,” and because of that B&N has found a good way to market apps to her: by making them free when she is in the store to try them out. This, she calls, “approaching the device from a content perspective.”

According to the article, the company is not doing the best job at inspiring app developers overseas.

eBookNewser has more: “While developers had lots of questions around such things as how international consumers will be able to make purchases without a U.S. credit card (right now a U.S. card is required), how developers will be paid in their own currency and how many Nook devices are projected to sell overseas, the presentation focused on vague marketing details.”