Barack Obama’s Audiobook Curses

By Jason Boog Comment

audiobo.jpegMany years ago, President Barack Obama recorded the audiobook version of his memoir, Dreams From My Father, leaving behind some decidedly un-presidential audio clips.

As one listener at the Boston Phoenix realized, Obama’s reading of the book includes some profanity-laced, NSFW passages as the future-President does impressions of his friend, Ray. They’ve cut out some relevant passages from the audiobook, urging President Obama to use the strong language to make his political points.

Here’s an excerpt from the laugh-out loud article: “When reading the audiobook version of his bio, Obama does impressions of Ray’s manner of speech. Swear words and all. It’s f***ing awesome. And it’s a way of talking we probably won’t be hearing from him now that he’s POTUS.” (Via TVNewser)