AvantGuild: Fugging Their Way To the Top

By Neal Comment

When the Go Fug Yourself Girls came to New York for Fashion Week, mediabistro.com’s Rebecca Fox got an interview that delves into the reactions from the celebrities whose bad fashion sense they target:

“I think for most actors, we are just a blip in their giant sea of US Weekly’s and other blogs [covering them]. They have other stuff going on,” says Jessica Morgan. “Stars we have heard from have actually been, by and large, quite delightful about it. Just because I don’t like your pants, I don’t think you are going to hell. I think people get that it’s in good fun.”

“Most of the cranky emails we get are from people who are like pretty low on the list and probably do their own Googling,” adds Heather Cocks. As for how they divvy up the fugging between them, she admits: “I don’t want to say it’s first come first serve, but it is what it is.” There’s also a lot of background on how they put together The Fug Awards, and the interest from multiple publishers that ensued…

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