Author Launches Shelterbox Fundraiser After Joplin, Missouri Tornadoes

By Jason Boog Comment

Yesterday deadly tornadoes swept through Joplin, Missouri, leaving many homeless. Author Maureen Johnson will auction off a full critique of your book to raise money for disaster relief.

Here’s the tweet about the auction, so far bids have risen to $400: I’m auctioning off a CRITIQUE of YOUR BOOK. The money goes to Shelterbox. Tweet your bid with #mjcritique. Auction ends 2pm EST [on May 24th].”

Author Robin Wasserman joined as well, her highest bid is currently $200:  “If anyone wants to bid on a novel critique from ME, go for it. I have many, many red pencils. #critiqueforjoplin If you don’t have a novel, I will critique your COLLEGE ESSAY (or anything along those lines).”

Johnson added: “If you donate and tweet me with the tag #starforjoplin, I’ll pick someone at random to win.”

Johnson led a similar fundraiser for earthquake victims in New Zealand and Japan. Here’s more about the charity: “Shelterbox is an organization that goes into areas of the world affected by disaster with large green boxes that contain shelters and the materials needed for people to restart their lives on some level. The boxes always include a top-quality tent, and they usually include stoves, blankets, water purification systems, and tools. This is true, life-saving stuff, hand-delivered by volunteers trained in survival techniques.”

Editor’s note: This post was updated as the story evolved.