Author Accused of Copying Twilight Fan Fiction

By Jason Boog Comment


Goodreads reviewer Ari Bookzilla pointed out similarities between Shey Stahl’s For the Summer and a work of Twilight fan fiction.  The book has many scenes, lines and phrases that can be found in Dusty, a fan fiction written by authors YellowBella and TeamBella23.

For the Summer is no longer listed on Amazon or Barnes & Noble, but GalleyCat obtained a copy of the book. We confirmed the similarities mentioned in the Goodreads review.

We contacted Stahl and she responded with this comment: “I’m sorry you feel there are similarities but I have not read the fan fiction in question.” The author defended her work on Facebook last night, but the post is no longer public.

Here’s more from the Goodreads review that prompted the whole investigation, complete with side by side comparisons from the two books:

Not to beat around the bush, I read up to 20% (ish) at which point I just threw my hands in the air and thought – I THINK I’VE READ ENOUGH. For those who have read Dusty, the recently popular Twilight fanfiction which you can read (for free) here, step away from this book if you’re not a fan of deja-vu … It’s not only bits and pieces, entire scenes are happening the same, but maybe with just a word or two, added here or there, the names changed.

Dear Author has more from other online sleuths:

As for Stahl, she vehemently denies any plagiarism and her fans are out in full force. (The fan fiction authors have stated that they have been blocked by Stahl and that she has messaged them and claimed she never read their fiction and that her work is her own)  Fans of Stahl accused the Goodreads reader of trying to ruin Stahl’s career and have demanded “Legal Proof”.  On her facebook page, people are suggesting that the real way to handle this sort of thing is to take it to a court of law.

UPDATE: Goodreads reviewer Ari Bookzilla added this comment clarifying her review: “I would just like to point out that NOWHERE in my review did I accuse the author of plagiarizing. The review was stating why I didn’t finish reading For The Summer by Shey Stahl.”

Author Andrew Shaffer added: “The post on Facebook is no longer public because she has deleted her Facebook fan page, and just has a personal Facebook account now.”

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