Audiobooks for Wounded Soldiers

By Jason Boog Comment

Authors from around the country have joined Operation Warrior Library, sharing their books with military personnel overseas. But now, the library has “an urgent need” for audiobooks.

Organized by novelist Paul Malmont and Col. George Reynolds, this literary supply chain has shipped hundreds of books to soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Colonel’s wife explained the new need in an email: “injured soldiers that are taken to Landstul, Germany are in desperate need of audio books. In fact they are in need of the basic essentials; as they are taken immediately from battleground to the hospital, without underwear or even a toothbrush, nor are they even given one. This breaks my heart.”

Malmont added this request for GalleyCat readers: “We’ve been sending a lot of books over, which is great–but, as you see, we could really use some audio books. [Let] authors and publishers know that there’s an urgent need. The Colonel’s wife will be starting a drive to raise some of the other items on the list, but I know that we can get books.”

If you are a writer or publisher looking to participate, you can write warriorlibrary [at] gmail [dot] com or visit the website for more information.