Audio Hooks


By Kathryn Comment

Penguin Remixed may just be a ploy for publicity, but it’s a ploy we don’t mind playing out/with. Among the audio book samples Penguin is offering to amateur DJs (the prize for the best mix being, predictably, Penguin books) are Alice in Wonderland, Charlie & the Chocolate Factory, and — hold on, I’m trying to find a title that isn’t the lit equivalent of trance — Bram Stoker’s Dracula (Depeche Mode-meets-House?).

Update: We’ve listened to five mixes now, and so far we haven’t heard one that makes a point of mixing texts, instead of mixing text & music. We want a text duet, a word collage, a mix that doesn’t utilize recorded readings as lazily as drum loops. Readers, we know you can do it.