Arianna Huffington Bashes Blogger’s $105 Million Lawsuit

By Jason Boog Comment

Today Arianna Huffington responded to a $105 million class action lawsuit filed against The Huffington Post and AOL.  Her post attacked “the pile of bile” blogger and author Jonathan Tasini leveled alongside his filing.

Here’s more from Huffington: “The key point that the lawsuit completely ignores (or perhaps fails to understand) is how new media, new technologies, and the linked economy have changed the game, enabling millions of people to shift their focus from passive observation to active participation … The same people who never question why someone would sit on a couch and watch TV for eight hours straight can’t understand why someone would find it rewarding to weigh in on the issues — great and small — that interest them. For free. They don’t understand the people who contribute to Wikipedia for free, who maintain their own blogs for free, who tweet for free, who constantly refresh and update their Facebook pages for free, and who want to help tell the stories of what is happening in their lives and in their communities… for free.”

Follow this link to read more about the suit that includes an estimated 9,000 bloggers and seeks damages of “an amount to be determined at trial but not less than $105 million.”