Apple Tablet Rumor of the Day: 30/70 Split with Publishers

By Jason Boog Comment

ref_iphone3gs_front.jpgFor the last year, we’ve been chasing rumors of Apple’s fabled tablet computer, a reading and media device that could rival all the e-readers currently on the market. Today Oppenheimer analyst Yair Reiner told Digital Daily Apple has already pitched its tablet to some publishers.

Here’s more from the article: “‘Contacts in the US tell us Apple is approaching book publishers with a very attractive proposal for distributing their content,’ Reiner wrote in a note to clients today … ‘Apple will split revenue 30/70 (Apple/publisher); give the same deal to all comers; and not request exclusivity.'”

The conversation continues (including launch date and price speculation) over at eBookNewser: “this news is exciting indeed, and Amazon and Sony ought to be terrified. If they’re wrong, well, nothing’s more fun for a tech nerd than a good Apple Tablet rumor. What do you think? Do you believe?”