Apple Keynote Lacks Publishing News

By Jason Boog Comment

iphone3gs1.jpgApple Inc. (AAPL) CEO Steve Jobs appeared at a keynote presentation today in San Francisco, defying rumors about his health following his recent liver transplant. The presentation brought good news for video gamers, movie watchers, and music fans–but no news for publishing about the mythical Apple tablet.

Jobs opened the presentation by exploring updates to the iPhone and iTunes interface, making it easier to sync and manage the device. As Apple Insider reported, iTunes features a new “LP” program allows artists to sell complete albums (rather than individual songs) with “amazingly rich” digital content. He also focused on the video gaming implications of the iPod Touch, showing off new games for the pocket computer. The presentation concluded with news that the next edition of the iPod Nanos will feature “anodized aluminum” cases and a videocamera feature. Musician Norah Jones played at the end of the keynote.

Here’s more from the Apple Insider liveblog of the presentation, hinting at the possibilities the new “LP” format could hold for digital books someday: “iTunes LPs are like DVD content. Except that they’re likely done as self-contained websites. Shows songs with lyrics, bonus content, items created by the musicians. Same goes for movies…Exclusive features, chapter selection, character details.”