Amy Tan Working On New Novel


By Carmen Comment

Reuters reports that after suffering from Lyme Disease for several years, Amy Tan‘s health has improved enough to allow her to work on a new novel. She is also collaborating on an original television pilot with director Wayne Wang and co-writer Ron Bass, and creating a libretto for her book THE BONESETTER’S DAUGHTER, which premieres in September 2008 with the San Francisco Opera.

But when Reuters tried to find out what the novel was about, Tan got cagey. “I never talk about what a new book is about as it will leave me,” Tan explained. “There is a story in Chinese where a man goes to a magical place and is overwhelmed by the beauty and the peace. He has to leave and they tell him that if he tells anyone where this place is he will never find it again. That is the metaphor for writing. You are in a secret place and discovering it but once you tell people it is gone.”