Amazon Workers in Germany Call a Strike

By Jason Boog Comment

Amazon workers in Germany have called a strike, fighting the online retailer for better pay. The national trade union Verdi will lead the strike.

Reuters had the scoop:

Amazon employs around 9,000 people in Germany and has come under fire from trade union Verdi for refusing to implement a collective agreement on employment conditions, similar to other mail order and retail firms … The union is also pressing for higher basic pay and bigger supplements for night shifts.

While strikes are less common now in the publishing and bookselling world, publishing professionals have a history of collective action in the United States.

This GalleyCat editor wrote about a publishing house strike during the Great Depression. Here’s more about a now-forgotten publishing strike in 1934:

In 1934, Dashiell Hammett, Edward Newhouse and nine other authors joined brave employees on the picket line outside Macaulay Company publishing house—reportedly, the first publishing house strike in America … I wanted to share the list of demands that the strikers offered in 1934. It serves as a reminder of how far we’ve come in workers’ rights over the 20th Century and what we need to protect in the future.

(Photo via Library of Congress & link via Edward Champion)