Amazon May Have 10″ Kindle Fire Out Soon

By Dianna Dilworth Comment

Amazon is not taking to competition from Google’s new tablet lightly. Rumors are circulating that the company is working on two new Kindle Fire tablets —  a 10-inch version and a new 7-inch “Coyote” version.

Boy Genius Report has more about the updated design: “Our source says that the new models feature a metal casing in place of the current-generation model’s soft-touch plastic body. The back of the devices are said to include a chrome-look “rib” that adds contrast against the black matte finish, and the feature reportedly improves the feel of the tablets and the appearance as well. This area of the new Kindle Fire models also houses the tablets’ speakers, we’re told.”

While it is still too early to tell when Amazon will release these new devices, with Google entering the ring, the sooner that Amazon can put out a new device, the better. AppNewser has more: “Last week Google released the Nexus 7, a 7-inch tablet computer that is a direct competitor with the Kindle Fire, in that it is designed to consume digital media content like apps, music, books and movies from Google Play. Right after Google put the new tablet on presale, we heard rumors that Google is planning to launch a 10′ tablet itself.  (The sources were right about the Nexus 7, so it’s possible that this rumor is accurate).”