Amazon Advantage Blamed in Borders Liquidation

By Jason Boog Comment

Today the Alliance for Main Street Fairness (AMSF) released a strong statement blaming Amazon’s sales tax advantage in the impending liquidation of Borders. Following court approval, the liquidation will close the company’s remaining 399 stores and cut around 10,700 employees over the next few months.

Why do you think Borders failed? Here’s more from AMSF: “Special treatment for is decimating job providers like Borders and countless small businesses across the country. It is simply not fair that one business is able to operate with a government-sanctioned advantage that allows it to undercut its competitors forcing lost jobs and business closures. Lawmakers need to level the playing field and end the special deal that gives Amazon a competitive advantage over Main Street.”

Hundreds of readers shared support, tributes and thoughts about the end of Borders last night. You can follow all the responses in the #ThankUBorders Twitter stream.