Activist Group Anonymous Shops for Book Deal

By Maryann Yin Comment

Gregg Housh and Barrett Brown, two known members of the activism group Anonymous, have teamed up with Writers House literary agent Dan Conaway to shop around for a book deal.

According to The New York Observer, Housh has served as Anonymous’ unofficial spokesperson since 2008. Brown used to share those duties with him, but “quit” earlier this year. Conaway revealed that the writers will be meeting with several publishers about this project.

Here’s more from the article: “An authoritative book would make the organization and its activism accessible beyond media coverage and, among other things, those other books on the matter, Mr. Housh noted, as he bemoaned the dearth of accurate information on the subject…Mr. Housh characterized the ambition of the proposed book as one that extends beyond simply having a bestseller.”

The controversial organization has been making headlines as of late for its Wall Street protest activities in New York City. The Huffington Post reports that Brown works as a journalist and has authored one book in the past, Flock of Dodos. Housh, who works in computer technology, admits to having “no experience with the publishing industry.”