ABC Orders Script Based on Novel by Kirkus Reviews Editor

By Jason Boog Comment

im_with_stupid_jacket_small.jpgA novel by Kirkus Reviews editor Elaine Szewczyk is television-bound, with actress Judy Greer (who starred in Miss Guided) attached to the brand new project.

Variety reports that ABC has ordered a script for Szewczyk’s novel, “I’m with Stupid.” The book recounts the adventures of a literary agent’s assistant who accidentally extends a love affair with a South African park ranger. GalleyCat caught up with Szewczyk this morning, getting an exclusive interview about the project.

Szewczyk explained: “In the last several months I’d been approached by various Hollywood folks about turning the novel into a sitcom or film. Eventually I was asked to go to LA to meet with networks. Offers came thereafter, in large part, I suspect, because I have great hair. My mother has great hair too. She has five husbands. I’m excited to write the script. I know the characters like I know my own friends, and this just gives me a chance to torture them further. The characters, I mean, not my friends. My friends have suffered enough.”