A.J. Jacob Writes Advice Column with 100,000 Facebook Friends

By Maryann Yin Comment

Drop Dead Healthy author A.J. Jacobs has added a new duty to his position as Esquire‘s editor-at-large: advice columnist.

Jacobs will solicit advice from his more than 100,000 Facebook friends for a new column called “My Huddled Masses.”

For the debut piece, Jacobs and his collaborators answered the following question: “How do you deal with perpetually late people who say that’s just how they are?”

Future columns will  discuss conundrums such as tackling sensitive issues with significant others and unwanted house guests. What advice would you dispense on these issues?

Here’s more from Jacobs’ column piece:

I will print the best, funniest, and oddest answers (providing full credit, of course). And we will determine the best course together. My hope is that it will be the greatest advance in Advice Column History since the Friedman sisters took on WASPy surnames, got syndicated and stopped talking to each other.

(via The New York Observer)