LinkedIn Groups for Publishing Professionals

By Jason Boog Comment

LinkedIn joined the New York Stock Exchange today with the initial stock price of $45 per share. As of this writing, the price had rocketed beyond $100, exceeding many expectations.

As the social network grows, there are thousands of publishing professionals you should meet inside the community. We’ve compiled a list of 45 LinkedIn groups for authors, publishers, and readers–a handy introduction to the world of LinkedIn. We’ve also collected a list of eBook groups on the network.

If you want to join these groups, follow LinkedIn’s Finding and Joining a Group directions.

1. Book Publishing Professionals: This is an International platform for book publishing professionals to come and share the expertise and resources.People from Book Sales,Marketing, Editorial and Production are most welcome. Job opportunities and new Ideas will be discussed and executed.

2. Books and Writers: Book, Writer and Publisher group to network around writing and publishing, marketing and selling your books. This group is for authors, publishers, editors, book literary agents and even future writers.

3. Publishers & Book sellers association: the publishers & Book sellers association is promoted to network people from Publishing professionals & Book sellers world wide

4. THE WRITERS’ NETWORK: This group has an emphasis on sustaining a successful career as a book author. We discuss the real world of the publishing industry: what sells, getting an agent, submissions, the craft of writing, marketing, e-rights & more. Pros and aspiring authors welcome, as well as those in the field.

5. BookLink: BookLink links freelancers in the book publishing industry (authors, editors, translators, lexicographers, proofreaders, picture researchers, indexers, artists, illustrators, typesetters, book designers and art directors, et al) for the purpose of discussion, learning, teaching and networking.

6. The London Book Fair: The London Book Fair LinkedIn Group is a forum for discussion of issues across the global publishing industry and all things related to The London Book Fair, which runs every April in Earls Court, London, UK.

7. Authors & Publishers Association: An education and networking group, open to authors, publishers, book manufacturers, agents, publicists, editors, illustrators, graphic designers, ghostwriters, and all others involved in the literary trade.

8. Children’s Book Illustration: Artists and writers of children’s books.

9. Children’s Book Illustrators and Authors: If you are a children’s book author, illustrator, or would like to be one, this is the place for you!

10. Comic Book Business for Creators and Creations: A group for all of us who not only enjoy reading Comic Books and Graphic Novels, but equally has an interest in promoting the cultural and commercial aspects of reading comics.

11. Goodreads: Have you ever wanted a better way to see what your friends are reading, keep track of what you’ve read and what you’d like to read and get great book recommendations from people you know?

12. Comic Book Industry: This is a group for creators and publishers and generally people in the business of comics. Not collectors. I am a collector myself and there are MANY groups for that.

13. Illustrators seeking Writers / Writers seeking Illustrators: A group for illustrators/artists and writers to form collaborations on possible comic book and graphic novel development.

14. Book Marketing Effective book marketing starts with a call-to-action book author website whose URL you can use with all your social media profiles. Then start using book marketing strategies to get exposure through cyberspace for your books.

15. Careers with books and publishing: is an independent careers consultancy specialising in the book industry. There are so many groups on linked in on book publishing, it would be good to use a central one for jobs and careers, and we’ll encourage all recruiters to join and post their jobs in here.

16. Frankfurter Buchmesse: The Frankfurt Book Fair is the biggest book fair in the world – with more than 7,000 exhibitors from over 100 countries. This group brings together publishing professionals from around the world who attend the fair.

17. Book Design: Book Design -trying to bring together authors, publishers, designers, typographers, readers. To share insights and have a broader understanding of the industry in order to make it better.

18. Publishers Advertising and Marketing Association -NY: The Publishers Advertising and Marketing Association (PAMA) offers professionals the opportunity to meet some of publishing’s most prominent leaders, network and share innovative marketing ideas with peers, and gain insights into the book industry.

19. This is the LinkedIn group for, devoted to discussions on writing, writers, publishing, publishers, literary agents, magazines, newspapers, SEO, marketing, publicity, book marketing, Web 2.0, social media–anything to help writers better publicize themselves and their work.

20. Publishing Perspectives: Publishing Perspectives invites you to connect with international publishing professionals and discuss the latest trends and technology in book publishing.

21. Comic Book Creators: A group for comic creators to meet their peers.

22. Black Authors Network Come inside and explore resources related to African-American communities, books, authors, and creative writing. The authors showcased here will entertain, enlighten, and educate readers. Also, providing readers with a “behind the book look” at the life and times of today’s writers and authors.

23. Women’s National Book Association: Supporting the value of books and reading since 1917. Championing the role of women in the community of the book and bringing together women and men active in that world. Advocating literacy/literacy outreach. Connecting members with book lovers and colleague in WNBA chapters from coast to coast.

24. Book Publicity and Marketing: The purpose of this group is to connect those involved in the marketing and public relations of books. We welcome all professional book marketing people, all those involved in publishing of books, all involved in the distribution of books, the review of books and the sales of books.

25. Cover to Cover: Cover to Cover is an online book club for anyone on Linked In. We read all types of books and have open discussions on a regular basis. Readers of all genres are welcome. We only ask that you are respectful of others and participate when you have time (and don’t reveal the end! LOL).

26. Writing is Hard Enough… Publishing Shouldn’t Be…: This group is for self-published and or aspiring self-published authors. The purpose of this group is to network, provide information, and share book signing events.

27. The World Book Fairs: The World Book Fairs Group offers you the opportunity to meet with publishing professionals to share their experience and to make contacts from all the Book Fairs around the Country.

28. Sketch Book Group: This is a group for cartoonist, illustrators and figurative artists who keep a working sketch book. These individuals share coffee shop drawings, coordinate sketch blogs, and generally encourage each other to PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!

29. Reader’s Entertainment: From book trailers to author interviews, from blogs to book signings, this group is intended to gather together people interested in motivating others to read. This is for book enthusiasts as well as book promoters.

30. How to Self Publish A Book Got questions about the self publishing industry? Want to know how to see your name in print? Join here for more information and to network with other authors, speakers and publishing professionals.

31. Your Book Is Your Hook!: Books are my life’s work. I write them; I read them; and I love to assist first time and seasoned authors with everything from end to end with your books. This group is for authors and writers of all professions. Let’s network and support each other’s great life work.

32. Book Reviewers: A place for all book reviewers to meet up and share any information.

33. Book Fanatics: This is a group for everyone who loves the written word. For all of you who have stacks of books on your bedside tables. For those who have to sneak books into the house because your spouse or significant other has put the foot down on any more book purchases.

34. Authors, Books, and Business: For authors and writers, published or not, who want to network, share and collaborate about making their book into a business. Anyone related to the publishing industry is welcome to join.

35. Talking Books: A gathering of book lovers. A platform for interesting books to be discussed. To help time starved men and women from dealing with a plethora of books and help them choose books that they would find interesting to read.

36. Children’s Book Illustration forum: The who, what, where, when, and why of illustrating books and magazines for children. Feel free to offer or ask advice.

37. Book Publishing in Ireland: A group for those working in publishing in ireland. For publishers, writers, agents, designers, editors and anyone else currently working in the publishing industry in Ireland. Let’s share contacts, ideas, advice and experiences.

38. Black Author Showcase: A cooperative learning, teaching and supporting community for anyone who helps bring a book to life. A network for authors, readers, publishers, photographers, librarians, reviewers, graphic designers, editors, ghostwriters, agents, and others.

39. The Aspiring Authors Network – The book bulb LinkedIn Group is for members of the membership site to network with each other as they start writing new books, search for book publishers, or discuss already published books.

40. Book Marketing: The Invisible Visual Arts At Visual Arts Junction, we are writers learning to market our books, which to us has become the invisible “visual arts.”

41. The Book Lovers Group It’s all about Books, Books & Books. We welcome group discussions on various reads. About Author’s, Interesting Facts, History, Latest titles, Recommendations, etc.

42. Write a Bestselling book Discover how you can write your book faster than you ever thought possible!

43. Young to Publishing: The Young to Publishing Group is an initiative of the Association of American Publishers (AAP) that strives to give entry-level and junior industry employees (typically with 0-7 years of publishing experience) a chance to build a community outside of their own publishing house and to educate themselves about the publishing industry as a whole. MEMBERSHIP IS FREE, and is open to all “young” (not far advanced in growth, junior, lacking experience) persons currently employed by a book-publishing house.

44. Authors, Writers, Publishers, Editors, & Writing Professionals: A group for writing professionals to discuss the promotion of writing, the writer, and the opportunities available for the advancement of writing careers. This is NOT a group for the discussion of religious or political viewpoints. Discussions are about writing ONLY.

45. Independent Book Publishers Association-IBPA: The Independent Book Publishers Association (formerly PMA), founded in 1983, is the leading professional trade association for independent book publishers. IBPA serves the needs and fosters the growth of emerging and established independent book publishers through education and professional development, cooperative marketing programs, advocacy and collective buying power.

Editor’s Note: We’ve been adding more groups to the post as readers suggest them.