$3.5M for OJ? WTF?

By Neal Comment

oj-simpson.jpgI’m not entirely convinced* by yesterday’s Book Standard item concerning a purported $3.5 million deal for O.J. Simpson in which he all but confesses to murdering Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. It isn’t even really much of a story, more of a “we read this in the National Enquirer” item…on the other hand, the Enquirer does have a solid track record, which is the only reason I’m not dismissing the story entirely. On the other hand, I have trouble believing that any publishing house large enough to pay OJ $3.5 million for something called If I Did It wouldn’t have enough employees sickened at the prospect that news of this surely would’ve leaked sooner. But what do you think?

*Sarah adds: Not only do I concur with Ron’s statement, I have to wonder why the Book Standard would run an item about a celebrity book deal without at least checking its veracity – after all, the last time they did such a thing, we showed otherwise.

(And, heck, if you know anything about this, tell us, on or off the record…)

UPDATE: An anonymous reader invokes Judith Regan, even though “it would surprise me to find out she could keep a secret for any period of time… [and] I can’t possibly imagine her shelling out that kind of dough for this book.” And as our highly speculative source adds, “If this isn’t Judith (assuming the book exists, of course), it’s someone who’s looking to become the next Judith Regan. And that’s even better than if it IS her!” Assuming the book exists, that is. Which we certainly don’t.