Best & Worst Book Trailers of the Year

By Jason Boog Comment

A crew of book trailer fans gathered at the Powerhouse Arena in Brooklyn last night for the second annual Moby Awards.

This GalleyCat editor helped judge the annual prizes, celebrating the best and worst book trailers of the year. Follow this link to watch all the finalists. We’ve listed all the winners below…

Lifetime Achievement Award: Ron Charles (acceptance speech embedded above). When asked about rumors of his retirement, Charles told GalleyCat: “Like any over-the-hill rock star, I know that the best way to reignite interest in my flagging career is to call it quits. I’m hopeful that this last episode will be the first in a long line of last episodes.”

Best Big House: Packing for Mars – Mary Roach

Worst Big House: Savages – Don Winslow

Grand Jury/We’re Giving You This Award Because Otherwise You’d Win Too Many Other Awards: Super Sad True Love Story – Gary Shteyngart

Book Trailer As Stand Alone Art Object: How Did You Get This Number? – Sloane Crosley

Best Small House: Tree of Codes – Jonathan Safran Foer

Worst Small / No House: Pirates: The Midnight Passage – James R. Hannibal

Worst Performance by an Author: Jonathan Franzen – Freedom

Most Celebtastic Performance: James Franco – Super Sad True Love Story

What Are We Doing To Our Children?: It’s A Book – Lane Smith

General Technical Excellence and Courageous Pursuit of Gloriousness: Electric Literature

Most Monkey Sex: Bonobo Handshake – Vanessa Woods

Worst Soundtrack: GhostGirl

Most Angelic Angel Falling to Earth: Torment – Lauren Kate