30 Scriptwriting Tips in One Post

By Jason Boog Comment

In April, 19,197 writers from all around the world scribbled 358,214 pages of scripts in the annual Script Frenzy writing marathon. In all, 2,204 writers completed the challenge and wrote 100 pages of scripted material.

To help all the aspiring screenwriters, comic book writers, and playwrights participating in the audience, we offered daily scriptwriting tips. Below, we’ve linked to 30 days’ worth of scriptwriting intelligence that works all year round…

1. Make an Outline First
2. Plotbot Streamlines Scriptwriting
3. Use a Screenwriting Glossary
4. Find the Scripwriters in Your Neighborhood
5. Watch a Great Screenplay

6. Read the Best Screenwriting Blogs
7. Write on Your iPhone or iPad
8. Write Your Logline
9. Study Some Bad Movies
10. Get a Poster for Your Script
11. Use a Movie Quote Database
12. Get Off the Internet & Write
13. Choose the Right TV Show for Your Spec Script
14. Explore Five Plot Point Breakdowns
15. Follow the Slutsky-Munroe Method

16. Perform Your Script
17. Study Great Scripts
18. Donate To Script Frenzy & Young Writers Program
19. Read Like Steven Soderbergh
20. Explore Reddit for Screenwriting
21. Find Great Writing Music
22. ‘Write the Kind of Story You Like Best’
23. How To Format Your Comic Book Script’
24. Believe in Your Dream
25. Explore Photographs for Inspiration
26. Write Your Script Backwards
27. Avoid 10 Common Mistakes
28. Join a Facebook Group
29. Take Your Time
30. Study 429 Television Script Ideas That Sold