12-Year-Old Comic Book Artist on Kickstarter

By Maryann Yin Comment

12-year-old comic artist Arion D. Rashad hopes to raise $3,000 to publish and promote his creation, Mii Toons Comics. Above, we’ve embedded a video about the project, a report from a local news station.

Rashad has finished a total six Mii Toons comic books and will soon complete a seventh. He will use the funds to rent exhibition tables at conventions, purchase ISBNs and bar codes for his books and keep his website running.

Here’s more about the project: “I really hope to inspire other kids like me to create comic books. I also hope kids my age will want to read comic books and not just go see the movies about comic book heroes. I love going to comic book stores, but I usually only see adults there. So if you’re a parent, perhaps picking up one of my comics will inspire your kids to read and write more once they know the books are created entirely by another kid!”

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