WNYW Reporter Mistakenly Adds Extra Bells and Whistles to New iPhone

By Jerry Barmash Comment

When Apple talks, everyone listens. When the Silicon Valley powerhouse unveils its latest product, the world is mesmerized.

WNYW/Channel 5 reporter Lidia Curanaj did a story last night showing the throngs camped out at the Apple Store on Fifth Avenue waiting to purchase their new iPhone. However, it turned into a faux pas of major proportions. Our sister site TVSpy says Curanaj pointed to the new iPhone features, including lasers and a hologram, both of which are not part of the upgraded smartphone.

Then to make the point even clearer, Channel 5 showed taped video of an apparent prototype iPhone 5 from Aatma studios, complete with a laser keyboard and hologram.

Text of the story was corrected on the WNYW Website.

“One clarification: the iPhone 5 will not have features such as holographic imaging and laser keyboard as depicted in a YouTube video and reported by Fox 5 News on September 17, 2012.”

TVSpy has more on the story including that YouTube clip.