When Marketing Goes Terribly Awry…


By Jill Comment

An anonymous Unbeige reader tips us off to the ad that ate Billboard magazine’s website:

If that image isn’t scary enough, trust us, there’s actually another banner ad below the fold and an animated square in the middle column. And if you manually type billboard.com into your browser instead of clicking our link, you get the background wallpaper plus ad in all its full-screen glory. We of all people understand the sustainability that comes from banner ads—and we love the Butterscotch Stallion, too, though maybe not as much as this girl—but really. All of this is totally distracting us from why we’re really there: The SBC-sponsored featured artist Babyface. We’ll get to that just as soon as we finish reading “Backstreet Boys Offering Free Tour Tickets.” Hmm, perhaps there’s a method behind this distraction madness after all…