When 110% Just Isn’t Cutting It…


By Steve Delahoyde Comment


To start closing out this afternoon, and make you feel pretty guilty if you were planning on sneaking out of the office around 4:45, is a terrific essay from those terrific fellas over at ideasonideas. This time around it’s a piece called “9 to 5 = Average” and it’s all about the importance of getting the job done, but more so about going above and beyond, to take a certain passion in your work, the kind you tried to associate yourself with when you were begging for the job in the first place. It’s a great read and one of those things that you take a look at and think, “Dang, that’s right.” Granted, it’s going to be a little frustrating for some people, if you’re not in a position at a place that you really care about, but for those of us who are lucky enough to have landed a spot, it’s a good call to arms to maybe start pushing yourself a little harder.