Two-Thirds of Job Seekers Start Looking Six Months Before Searching

By Vicki Salemi Comment

According to a new survey, approximately two-thirds of job seekers start looking casually for a new job six months before they start pounding the pavement.

CareerBuilder’s 2012 Candidate Behavior Study revealed a lot goes on within those six months. Candidates check out a variety of sources to research opportunities like going online to company sites and Facebook pages. ¬†For instance, 84 percent log onto Google whereas 75 percent visit company sites.

Essentially, this info provides a lot of mojo and moxie to recruiters to keep their pipeline of potential talent active even when candidates are pretty passive. Above all, it’s a reminder to both job seekers and recruiters that a job search is a journey and in this case, it begins about six months before hard core networking and interviewing even occurs.