Twitter is…

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What is Twitter? Here’s what the Twitterverse/ blogosphere has to say:

“Twitter is just compensation for the human fear that the world doesn’t exist when you aren’t looking at it.” — Joshua via Twitter Blog

“Twitter is transforming from gimmicky messaging tool to marketing powerhouse.” — Caroline McCarthy, WebWare

“Twitter is chat for *adults*. But without the guilt.” — @SnowVandemore

“Twitter is a narcissists paradise” — @murrad23

“Twitter is way overhyped. Fun to communicate and market here and there, but its just a tool. Like a mini screwdriver.” — @jephkelley

“Twitter is like exercising. It’s gotta be made into a habit.” — @oktechmachine

“Twitter is not a shallow popularity contest, it is about forging interesting connections and conversations with other people.” — Atherton Bartelby, Mashable

“Twitter is NOT a dating service, you know?” — @happygrrrl

“Twitter is paying my rent” — Marshall Kirkpatrick

“Twitter is destroying our English. You’ll recognize fellow Twitters as people who instinctively shorten their words & grammar in daily life.” — @iStylesMK

“Twitter is stupid to mainstream writers because you are not suppose to waste time you could be using to read their crap.” — @Bill_Lenner

“Twitter is scary in that I have begun thinking of my friends all having an @ in front of their names.” — @teamawesome

“Twitter is for terrorists” — Revision3

“Twitter is like a perpetual chatroom except no one asks for your a/s/l” — @10000Words

“Twitter is for twits… such useless drivel.” — @hkvoigt

“Twitter is like a sauna: we are all in the same space, we show everything, but are not really looking at each other.” — @boris

“Twitter is entirely populated by people from the music industry and 15-year-old girls. Brilliant.” — @readplatform

“Twitter is a wonderland” — PR Squared

“Twitter is journalism’s Obama.” — Alana Taylor, MediaShift

“Twitter is an awesome invention, high-tech haiku proving that even in this web of flash and film well written text still has a place.” — Luke, TechCult

“Twitter is a place to flush the brain – like dropping thoughts off at the pool.” — @kim1989

“Twitter IS the new email chain letter” — @10000Words

“TWITTER IS MY LIFE” — @Freyland