Top 10 Quotes of New York Fashion Week

By Stephanie Murg Comment

exit NYFW.jpg
(Photo: UnBeige)

Because sometimes other people say it better than we ever could…

10. “If everyone standing in this line actually bought something from Vena Cava…they’d be much better off.” -Fedora-wearng gentleman standing behind us in the long, long line to get into the Vena Cava presentation in West Chelsea.

9. “The clothes are made for not-perfect people. But they’re pretty perfect.” -Isaac Mizrahi, on his fall collection

8. “What if Barbie had a party and nobody came?” -Showgoer, while transfixed by the giant, hot pink Barbie installation around which the action in the Bryant Park tents revolved

7. “Now I want those shoes even more.” -Our seatmate at the Herve Leger by Max Azria show, in which several models took a tumble on the perilously high snakeskin stilettos

6. “There’s strength in the shoulder, without us looking like we’re in Dynasty.” -Michael Kors, on the ’80s (but not too ’80s) silhouette of his fall collection

5. Showgoer A: “Is that a derby?”
Showgoer B: “I think it’s a bowler.”
Showgoer A: “Wait. What’s a trilby?”
-Mid-show conversation concerning the headwear at Monarchy

4. “So what’s Domenico Vacca?” -Our seatmate at the Domenico Vacca show.

3. “Well, I did that last season, but really, I can never get away from Bellmer. He’s always with me. Him and Louise Bourgeois.” -Victoria Bartlett, when we asked if the work of artist Hans Bellmer was an inspiration for her brilliant VPL by Victoria Bartlett fall collection, entitled “Exquisite Corpse” and featuring a dismembered doll on the show invitation

2. “This is the best design building in New York. It’s better than the D&D Building. They have everything here. Vladimir Kagan is here!”
-Estée Lauder president John Dempsey on the New York Design Center, site of the Tuleh show

1. “We’re trying to keep it beachy but not too homeless-looking.”
-Stylist Dennis Lanni, on the hair at Lacoste