Things We’re Rooting For In the People’s Design Awards

By Alissa Walker Comment

prince jamming on gold symbol guitar III.jpg

Only 10 days left to vote for your choice in Cooper-Hewitt’s People’s Design Awards, the only competition where Prince’s Symbol guitar and a Neutrogena Microdermabrasion kit battle it out for greatest design of all time. This first-of-its-kind award will be presented by Isaac Mizrahi on October 18 in NY. Here are a few nominees we wish would win:

1) Actroid Repliee Q1Expo: This “Gynoid,” which looks scarily like a real Japanese woman, is reported to have a “pleasant feel.” Maybe Sir Isaac can have a squeeze and let us know.

2) Bank in the Form of a Pig: “So realistic. So chrome.” Yeah but aren’t these supposed to be pink? Also should be given the award for Longest-Winded Name.

3) Constitution of the United States of America: Says it made most of the other designs possible. But is James Madison available to accept?

4) Decorative Bra Straps: Not particularly great design but we’ll vote for anything which provides an opportunity to make Isaac boob jokes.

5) International Don’t Sign: An uplifting, encouraging symbol of great design worldwide.