The Year In Architecture, As Funny As It Sort Of Was

By Eva Comment


Thanks to our bff at ArchNewsNow for pointing us in the direction of Small Practice Architects’ year-end summary of the highlights and lowlights of 2005. In case you forgot, things that happened in the last year included:


Protests halted development at the World Trade Center. Christian fundamentalists complained that East River elevations were facing Mecca. Grief counsellors pushed for weepier detailing. Security advisers insisted on integrated laser cannons and a moat filled with razorwire. Bird lovers said the ‘Species Fascism Tower’ would kill ‘thousands of innocent civil avians’. Donald Trump demanded a rebuilt Twin Towers with tighter skin, ‘smart wigs’ and a really good catchphrase. Victims’ families were advised by angels to employ their own lawyers.



America’s Gulf Coast was hit by Hurricane Katrina, prompting a record 9,500 masterplans for New New Orleans. All called for solar-powered jazz water taxis.

An informal charrette exploring issues of affordable housing was organised by the surviving occupants of a collapsed three-storey timber frame slum in Bangladesh.



Royal Gold Medallist Toyo Ito was freed by rescue workers after becoming trapped in an aesthetic of lightweight, permeable membranes.