The Makings of a NYTs Magazine Cover Story

By Glynnis Comment

nytcover.jpgThis is the very last thing we intend to say on the Emily Gould New York Times Magazine cover story (until, of course, she rocks a major book deal out of it). However, after all the fuss over how this story ended up a Magazine cover story to begin with, we thought it might bear mentioning that over at the Observer John Koblin has provided a bit of a play-by-play.

Mr. Marzorati [the NYTs Magazine editor-in-chief] had never before heard of Ms. Gould…They talked for around an hour about her “wanting to write some memoirish piece about having lived a fair amount of her life on the Internet in her first years in New York; I was interested.”

As to how those “cheesecakey” shots — which were intended, says Marzorati, to “try to convey this sort of intimacy and dreaminess and sort of intimate detachment…that is in the piece.” — ended up on the cover? According to Marzorati:
I don’t think it was terribly complicated…You’re always trying to entice people with a cover, whether it’s a story like this or it’s a story about Afghanistan. I mean, this just happened to be an intimate story written by a young person who happened to be attractive.