Saveur Ad Pages Continue To Rise

By Amanda Ernst Comment

saveur.pngAt a time where stories of magazine closures and dwindling ad revenues have become the norm, food magazine Saveur remains one shiny beacon of hope for the industry.

Yesterday, publisher Merri Lee Kingsly announced that the culinary mag had just produced its largest June/July issue in the publication’s 15-year history with 22 percent more ad pages and 14 new advertisers compared to last year.

This month’s issue is just the latest taste of Saveur‘s <a href="incredible ad page growth this year: the Ellie-winning magazine is up 11 percent in ad pages year to date. Kingsly credited the boost to the pub’s alliance with Virtuoso, an international network of luxury travel agencies. Who said the luxury ad market was dead?

“We strongly believe in staying true to our mission by offering unique programs for each type of client — it’s the only way to reach and remain true to our readers,” Kingsly said in a statement.

And in related news, The Los Angeles Times has a story today about printed news aggregator The Week, which has sold 10 percent more ads in 2009 compared to last year. It’s heartening to hear that there are still advertisers out there.

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New York, N.Y. (June 4, 2009) — Building on an already tremendous 2009, SAVEUR reports that the current issue is the largest June/July in its 15-year history — up 22% in overall ad pages. With a record number of 14 new advertisers in the issue and new business initiatives, SAVEUR continues to grow. The esteemed title is ranked number four out of 118 consumer monthlies for YTD ad page growth. The success of the June/July special “Texas Issue” brings SAVEUR up an astounding 11% in ad pages YTD. Merri Lee Kingsly, Publisher of SAVEUR, made the announcement.

“SAVEUR has formed an alliance with Virtuoso, the international network of luxury travel agencies, and has established an elite Travel Advisory Board as a benefit to our readers and partners,” said Merri Lee Kingsly, Publisher of SAVEUR. “In addition to expanding our new travel partnership, SAVEUR is proud to offer strategic programming at Tales of the Cocktail — the premier annual spirits — based event in the country. We strongly believe in staying true to our mission by offering unique programs for each type of client — it’s the only way to reach and remain true to our readers.”

SAVEUR recently received a National Magazine Award, the magazine industry’s highest honor presented by ASME, for its achievement in the “Single-Topic Issue” category. The award honors the ambition, comprehensiveness, and imagination of the October 2008 issue, “A World of Breakfast.” In addition, SAVEUR won a Bert Greene Award in two out of five categories from the International Association of Culinary Professionals (IACP).