Round Done Right

By Guest Comment


Forget what I said yesterday about web interfaces. Sure, I wasn’t saying those two quick examples were the end-all-be-all, just that I like them. Well, round, a design firm in Melbourne, takes the cake for one of the nicest, cleanest sites I’ve seen this year (though not nearly as fun as that ad agency, Ogilvy and Myer was it?, with that user controlled pencil?). All the white space is so terrific. And the playful way their portfolio pieces stick out just-so-much over on the right side of the screen. I don’t mean to sound like a giddy child, but this site is damn nice.

Beyond that though, even if round had used Word to make their site, their portfolio speaks for itself. Everything they do is a lot like the site. Clean, simple, really funny, and spectacularly clever at times. So yeah, I suppose it only makes sense that their site should be this nice. My introduction to this paragraph means nothing. Chalk it up to filler so I could just gush some more. Just go spend some time on round’s site and leave me be.