Posting Posti

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A few weeks back, over dinner at my girlfriend’s parents house, we were talking about why I’d visit Northern Europe (Finland, Denmark, Sweden) over the Europe that everyone always visits (England, Italy, etc.). The debate, at some points, got mildly heated, as pointless arguments can sometimes get. In the end, there were three of them against one of me, so I had to quietly return conceed that they had some valid points and that I’d like to visit everywhere, that there was no longer to be any favortism on my behalf. Now, after seeing the work of Helsinki-native Pietari Posti, I feel as though I have a way to strike back next time this comes up. Look at those sketches! It’s like old Russian poster art! More Northern allies! (sorta) Look at that confident simplicity! Look at the way he’s incorporating the best parts of sketching and screenprinting all at the same time! Well, if that doesn’t win at least some part of the battle, then I don’t know what will. Granted, maybe they could come back at me by saying, “But didn’t he just move to Barcelona?” which I’d have no answer to, or, hell, they might even say, “We don’t care about design!” which would defintely shut me up. But still…

A little more info: a quick interview with Posti.